Anonymous delegates and event execution

A nice little trick to save you always checking for null when firing custom events
Initialize to anonymous delegate.
Ok.. we've an extra call in the invocation list so use judiciously


public event CompleteTaskExecutionHandler CompleteExecution = delegate { };

//or a sample using Lambdas

public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged = (s,p) => { };



private void Fire()



Ajax on the Microsoft Content Delivery Network

You can now start using the ajax toolkit/library without having any sever support Laughing

    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

WPF...Cool 3D browser

Pretty cool app to pass a minute or so

Extension Method for Wpf Window with Froms Owner


Extension Method


internal static class InteropExtensions
    public static bool? ShowDialog(this System.Windows.Window win, IntPtr handle)
        WindowInteropHelper helper = new WindowInteropHelper(win);
        helper.Owner = handle;
        return win.ShowDialog();





var win = new WpfWindow();


Sql Server Compact Edition

I've been playing with a workflow service hosted here
Feel free to give it a bash [August 2012, removed]) Endpoint is using basic http binding.

Tonight I whipped a Sql Server Compact Database out of another little app I have lying around so I could sit it behind the webservice persist data.


To my horror it doesn't work..

I get the following exception " sql compact is not intended for development"

I can imagine why I guess.. bit what a pity.. it's not allowed..

[August 2012: It is allowed, just needs a setting]

WPF Grid splitters

Addin splitters to the WPF grid couldn't be easier.


<GridSplitter />


<GridSplitter Height="3"
   ResizeDirection="Rows" Background="Transparent"
   VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Grid.Row="1" />

WPF Routed events

Ever have a control on a window and want to be able to receive button clicks from this child control?
More than one I've done this the hard way, but now.....



public VariablesWindow()
   variables.AddHandler(Button.ClickEvent, new RoutedEventHandler(HandleChildClick));
  private void HandleChildClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs args)
            Button senderButton = args.OriginalSource as Button;
            if (senderButton != null && senderButton.Content != null)
                string buttonText = senderButton.Content as string;
                if (buttonText == "_Cancel")
                    this.DialogResult = false;
                else if (buttonText == "_OK")
                    this.DialogResult = true;


Key modifiers

Recently I used PInvoke to check if the SHIFT key was pressed while i was doing a drag operation......

what I should have done then and have done now is



if((Keyboard.Modifiers & ModifierKeys.Shift) != ModifierKeys.None)
  Trace.WriteLine("Shift is pressed");


A Custom Diagramming Library

Recently I've been working with a 3rd party diagramming library written in windows forms. It's been great and it's pretty fast in building 80% of the application I'm working on.

[Update August 2012: I never got around to doing much with the diagramming library. I opted instead to re-host the visual studio workflow designer for my needs, why I actually considered writing it is beyond me, I’m a campaigner for bolting existing solutions together rather than re-inventing the wheel ]

WPF Data Triggers

Today I needed to control the enabled property of a button "Remove Item" on my form depending on weather there was a selected item in a Listbox.

Here's how

<Button Content="Remove" Click="OnRemoveTranstion">
        <DataTrigger Binding ="{Binding ElementName=listDetails, Path=SelectedIndex}" Value="-1">
            <Setter Property="Button.IsEnabled" Value="false"/>

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